Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

A roof installation is a time-consuming and expensive investment, however, it’s definitely worth it as the roof is arguably the most essential component of your home. After all, it safeguards your home by keeping water and hail away from the inside of the building.

Replacing a roof is not just a costly investment, it’s a huge undertaking that should be carefully planned. With so many crucial decisions on the line, it is essential to make the right choices while planning a roof installation so that the new roof not only goes well with your home’s exterior to increase the curb appeal, but also improves the efficiency of your home. Before you hire roofing contractors, you may want to ask the following questions.

Which Roof is Best For a Hot Climate?

When you live in an area with soaring temperatures, you need a roof that deflects sunlight back into the atmosphere. While asphalt and wood shingles are not the best pick for regions with triple-digit temperatures, you can go for metal shingles. Metal roofs do extremely well under extreme temperatures as metal is reflective and considered a cool roofing material. Even though a metal roof costs more than an asphalt roof, the energy savings, combined with its longevity, can make it a worthy investment for your new roof.

Clay roof shingles are another attractive option for homeowners who love rustic architectural touches and want to beat the heat. Clay is thermal resistant, eco-friendly and is slightly less expensive than the metal roofing.

If you want to lower your carbon footprint, consider a “green” roof. A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof for growing flora. Depending on the type of green roof you are aiming for, the plants may be modular or have drainage layers or filter cloth. However, all green roofs involves water-proofing and root repellent to prevent the structure from any damage. Also known as ‘living roofs’, green roofs last longer than traditional roofs, absorb rainwater, reduce energy costs with natural insulation, create peaceful habitat for wildlife and help lower urban air temperatures to combat the heat island effect.

This could be a good choice if you have the time to devote to upkeep.

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Why roof color matters and which one is the best?

The color is really important when it comes to roofing systems, as it not only revamps the look of your home, but also affects the temperature of your attic by 20 to 40 degrees. This hugely impacts the heating or cooling cost of your home. Light colors repel heat and help keep temperatures down in hotter climates, while dark shingles retain heat and help homes stay warm in colder climates.

Many neighborhoods have building codes regarding color, so you should check with your local authorities before choosing the color of your new roof.

Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

A roof ventilation system helps remove the heat and moisture content that tends to build up under your roof. It works by providing a continual flow of air through your attic, removing overheated air and moisture, thus reducing the impact of changing temperatures both inside and outside the home.

This helps your roof and shingles last longer by preventing the rotting of the wood and curling or distortion of your shingles.

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